Why You Must Change Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Warning, many popular methods for getting traffic to your website are now going to

Content management system comparison - Drupal vs Wordpress vs Joomla

Content management systems make creating, running, and organizing websites and blogs a breeze! I have used three content management systems heavily over the years and I wanted to create this Content Management System Comparison to help others choose which CMS they should use.

Create a Product or Service For Your Website

Creating a product or service for your website or blog is one of the best ways to make money online—and it can be surprisingly easy if you know what you are doing.  Many people are satisfied with just doing the methods discussed in my earlier article "How To Make Money With a Website;" however, if you use some of the methods described in this article you can greatly increase your income from your website.

Attract Visitors To Your Website - Top 12 Ways

To have success with anything online you need to attract visitors to your website. Writing good content and having a nice looking website is great…but that doesn’t mean you’ll attract visitors. You have to actually put in some work to do this. Luckily though it’s not all that hard!

Here’s the top 10 Ways to attract visitors to your website:

1)  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Making Money With Google Adsense (Video Tutorial)

Is making money with google adsense hard? How can I make money with Google Adsense?...I get asked these two questions a lot. that's why I made two videos that will show you how to sign up, setup, and use Google AdSense more effectively on your website or blog. Hopefully, when you are done watching these video you will know exactly how to use Google AdSense and all the ways you can increase your website's revenue with AdSense.

How to Make Money with a Website - Top 15 Ways

One of the things that confuses people the most about making money online is how to make money with a website. I’d say this is the most common question I get from friends and family because most people don’t realize all of the options there are to monetize a website (or blog). So with that said, here's how to make money with a website:

1) Pay Per Click Advertising like Google AdSense

Create Valuable Website Content to Attract Visitors

The most important thing can do on any website is create valuable website content for your website’s visitors! Content can be anything from articles to videos to podcasts.

Choosing a domain name -- The 3 Strategies

Choosing a domain name is a very important step when creating a website because it can affect how your website does in the SERPS (search engine results pages), choosing a domain namehow easily people will remember your URL, and what people’s first impression will be of your site when they read your domain name. Fear not though!

How To Create Your Own Website

To start making money online with a website or blog the first thing you need to know is how to create your own website. Fear not though! This is actually very easy to do and you don’t have to know a ton of technical stuff to create a great looking and great functioning website.

Website Development Application -- Dreamweaver vs Expression -- Create a Website part 4

If you want to use a website development application you have many choices. The two most popular website development applications are Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression.  These applications write HTML and CSS code for your website. You can actually create a whole website with these web development applications. However, while you may read online that you can use these without knowing any HTML or CSS…I disagree with that. If you truly have no knowledge of how HTML or CSS work you’ll be very limited in what you can do with these applications.

Online Website Builders -- Create a Website part 3

If you decided to use one of the online website builders to create your website you will find that this option has its pros and cons. First off, when I’m referring to online website builders, I’m talking about websites like Weebly. Basically, Weebly and websites like Weebly help you build your own website right there on their website. You use their tools and then you pay them for hosting your site each month. 

Website Content Management Systems -- Create a Website part 2

My favorite way to build websites and blogs is with website content management systems. Now if you don’t know what a CMS is…it’s basically just a collection of tools that allow a webmaster (you!) to create, modify, organize, and remove information on your website with ease. These are fantastic programs that save a ton of time and let you do things only advanced computer programmers can do (but without all the time and knowledge).

Learn HTML and CSS -- create a website part 1

When creating a website you have many options. Most people immediately think they need to learn html and CSS but that’s not necessary anymore with all the tools out there like Content Management Systems (ex. Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal), template web design websites (like Weebly), and web development tools (like Dreamweaver). All of these tools write the html and CSS for you so you don’t have to.

How To Set Up A Blog

If you're wondering how to set up a blog then you have arrived at the right article! Luckily you have a couple options and it’s not as hard as you may think. It really boils down to whether or not you want to use a free shared domain blog (like a blogger.com blog) or pay to host your blog on an outside web server. Both have their pros and cons so read on to learn more!

10 Misconceptions about Creating a Profitable Website or Blog

1. You need know HTML, CSS, and programming

Web Host Rankings

Here are my web host rankings of the best 6 hosts in my opinion. The rankings are in order and the reason for the rankings are below. You can click on the banners or headings and a new tab will open and take you to that host's website. *Also, keep checking this page because I will be updating it with new web host rankings and deals as I get them.

1) BlueHost

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